Today's kids need basic homemaking skills to help them with the following:
  • To organize their personal lives
  • To cope when they are out of home
  • To cope even when they can't find or afford nannies but still have to run their lives and achieve their work or schooling goals
  • To maintain privacy in the first few years of marriage without external parties
  • To manage resources and personal budgets
  • It can be the beginning of a lucrative vocation in their future!

Our Homemaking Foundations Class is a 1 or 2-day class to teach children some or all of the following topics respectively in a fun and engaging way
  • Personal hygiene
  • Bedroom cleaning and care
  • Basic house chores - sweeping and washing (plates and clothes)
  • Etiquette for the table, living room and bathroom
  • Managing money
  • Time management and personal organization
  • Simple cooking
  • Basic nutrition tips for good health
  • Safety and security at home
  • Staying good at home
This class is available on request CALL us now to deliver an exciting one to kids in your school, organization or neighborhood

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