Empowerment events

Recognizing the important role women play in shaping society and contributing to political growth, we create and execute events that equip women to become more confident and stronger at what they do.

The programs combine educating, information sharing, awareness creating, networking and training from experts in relevant fields who bring know-how and tested experience.

We recognize the opportunity to improve the wellbeing of women, their families and the society as a whole when they are equipped to function at their best.
We recognize that the women population in any society as a resource which if intentionally harnessed and unleashed increases the wealth, prosperity and advancement of that society.

Women's development makes the entire nation win. Click to experience our carefully packaged offerings

Our goal is to contribute to women's
  • Sense of self-worth
  • Owning a vision and driving it
  • Access to opportunities and resources
  • Ability to create positive change.
  • Homemaking Training and

    Women Empowerment Events organized by Priniora