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February 28, 2020

Read more!

I just bumped into a post by Blinkist Magazine titled ‘The Reading Habits of Highly Successful People’, it was a short informative piece. It reawakened my quest for reading by showing me the reading habit of some of the world’s successful (and richest) people. Can you imagine someone reading 600 – 1000 pages of knowledge in a single day?

How often do you hear the statement “I am bored!” from someone around you? I am wondering at the lost time such people would have spent becoming wiser and increasing their self-worth. Our skills, potentials, talents, and capabilities come in basic or raw form until we add value to them. One way to add this value is to acquire knowledge through reading. Read up successful people in your area of skill, read new trends in that market or trade, read government policies affecting it, read global best practices, etc.

While some can devour a 500-page book in a day, others may only do about half. What’s your reading habit or rhythm? Below are a few helpful tips to build yours:

  • Follow a blog which gives you helpful information (like this one) and check out the books and sites mentioned for more reading
  • Identify a wasted time in your day and intentionally convert such time to productive time when you can read a book or some other knowledge-based material
  • Set a reading goal and share same with an accountability partner who may be a likeminded friend, a coach or a mentor – your goal may be to read 1 book in a week, month or quarter
  • Read books or subjects that will increase your earning power or your ability to contribute to your job or business

I have been inspired, trust you have been too. Impact a friend by sharing this and please feel free to drop a comment.



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